Data Use Policy

Atlas Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "Atlas") receives various form of personal information of users (Hereinafter referred to as "users") who use Confit (Hereinafter referred to as "this service").

This policy is subject to change. Please refer to the latest version of the policy.

1.Information we receive and how it is used

Account Information

When users register to the services or organizer of conference proxy registers users into the services, users are required to provide personal information which the organizer requires, in addition to name and email address.

2.External links

The services include many external links to websites outside the services.However, we are not responsible or liable for the use of personal information on the sites. You are highly recommended to learn about privacy policies on the sites before you visit the sites from the links.

3.About the use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers. This service uses Cookies to make our service usable as well as for user authentication.

We also use cookies to detect activities that violate our policies or degrade our ability to provide this service and to maintain the security.

Meanwhile, Cookies are also used in the sites outside of this service which can be accessed via external links or advertising banners of sponsors in this service. In this case, Cookies shall be used in compliance with the policy stipulated by the administrator of the sites.

March 26, 2019